Badger SpectraTex Airbrush Paint Additives and Cleaner
Badger STC-002 Spray-Thru Airbrush Cleaner
SpectraTex 173 Extender Base Airbrush Paint Additive
SpectraTex 175 Top Coat Matte Airbrush Paint Additive
SpectraTex 176 Top Coat Gloss Airbrush Paint Additive
SpectraTex 178 Retarder Airbrush Paint Additive

Paint Additives + Cleaners

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Why Trust us?

We Use These Tools Every Day

The artists at AirbrushCustoms have used these airbrushes, paints, bottles, and accessories for a very long time. 30,000+ Tshirts, Hats, Car Tags, Skateboards, Jackets, Murals, and more have been painted with the exact same equipment sold here at ACSupply.

As a matter of fact, that's exactly why we built this shop - To provide the best solution to start airbrushing, without any confusion. You can have full confidence that these are great products - Watch us use them on Instagram & Youtube!

Watch us go!

This is what we do with our Airbrush kits. What will you create?

Need some Help?

We're Airbrush Experts. If you're having some trouble with your airbrush kit, or don't quite know where to start, check out our videos on YouTube, or send us a message!

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