Hey, Dale the airbrush guy here,

I've taken a step back from my own supply shop so I can focus on my artwork and content creation. I've partnered with Spraygunner.com for the time being to provide you all with the airbrush equipment you need.

I've curated a few kits and products for you from their website. Here are some links!

Airbrush Starter Kit (No Compressor) - If you're getting started and need an airbrush kit, I recommend this one.
Airbrush Starter Kit (Compressor Included) - This is the same kit, but includes a great air compressor.
"NO-NAME" Airbrush - Siphon fed, dual action, professional quality airbrush I use for T shirts and everything else
"Lil Tooty" Airbrush Compressor - Great value, quiet air compressor powerful enough for any job.
Createx Airbrush Paints - My favorite paints for shirts, graffiti artwork and murals.
Airbrush Paint Bottles - Airbrush Bottles for Siphon Fed airbrushes like the ones I use.

If you need any advice, or would like a recommendation on another airbrush product, please feel free to reach out to Supply@Airbrushcustoms.net